Eddie Avila Feat. Tito 'El Bambino', Zion y Lennox, Falo, Voltio - Carolina (Remix) (Exclusive)

What an insane collaboration! Here we have Eddie Avila formerly known as Eddie Dee with the remix to 'Carolina', an insane collaboration with Tito 'El Bambino', Zion y Lennox, Falo & Voltio! All artists from Carolina, Puerto Rico. They did a great job, the original version of this song was really catchy and i'm loving the remix. Glad these artists united to make this, the one that surprised me most was Tito 'El Bambino'!! Another exclusive brought by the family of RTM & AK47.

RKM y Ken-Y - Mas

RKM y Ken-Y are back, and by the looks of it they will keep making those romantic anthems we love to hear! This is the first single from the upcoming album 'Forever' it's called 'Mas'. Really digging it, on the beat we have Los Magnificos and Myztiko. Pina Records keeps hitting it out the park, they're becoming a powerhouse and I think other artists should take notes from them.It was announced that 'Forever' would release around the end of this year, until then enjoy this new song!

Los Viajeros Feat. Nova & Jory - Pa La Cama Voy

Allright, let me first start by clearing up the confusion about this song. There were two versions going around, but to not confuse the people, we'll just use the one sent by the Engineer. If you have both you can decide for yourselves which one you prefer, but regardless the song is hot, and it's all about promoting the music!  Now in regards to the song Los Viajeros are up coming artists out of CT who are very talented and showcase that through this song. Nova & Jory add their style to this track and overall it came out pretty dope. On the beat are two very talented producers who call themselves Los DigitaLez, they got quite a few surprises up their sleeves so be on the lookout with huge collabs with big artists soon. Enjoy the song!

Update: Different link, so Re-Download

Kenai 'La Voz Del Milenio' - Le Gusta

It was not too long ago that Kenai had returned to the scene. First on a collaboration with Genio & Baby Johnny 'Los Mutantes', then came the solo track called 'Aguanta' and now he has dropped another brand new song called 'Le Gusta'.  The past two songs have been straight up Perreo which we all love but on this track he switches it up to some Electroflow!  This song is hot! It's got a nice catchy hook sung by Kenai and the beat is very upbeat which is brought to you by Jeffra 'El Diestro' and N3NUS.  Enjoy it and spread the word!  Kenai's album/mixtape is coming out very soon so be on the look out for that. 
NOTE: Usershare is down so we used 4shared.

Javy 'The Flow' Feat. Voltio, Yomo - We No Speak Americano (Remix) (Exclusive)

If you remember we posted the original of 'Panamericano' (We No Speak Americano) a while back. Well now we got the remix featuring Voltio, and Yomo! They were great additions to this remix. Javy 'The Flow' has been making a lot of noise recently, and by the looks of it he isn't going to stop. You can't sleep on him. Check this track out, and enjoy the exclusive!

Arcangel - Dime La Verdad

Here is a brand new track by Arcangel called 'Dime La Verdad' produced by Los Metalicoz, the song was leaked so its not mastered but Arcangel said he will try to give us the mastered track pretty soon likely this weekend, also Arcangel confirmed that he will be releasing his new official mixtape 'Optimus A.R.C.A' on October 31 with about 10 to 12 new tracks which will keep fans busy until his official album 'Sentimiento, Maldad y Elegancia' releases from what I'm guessing next year, I think Arcangel will likely start releasing tracks every week leading to October 31 but I'm not sure either way I'm glad to hear something new from Arcangel, he is one of the best in this genre and he needs to stop being away so much and start to have new music on the scene unless he want fans to start forgetting him, well download and check it out and expect the mastered version soon, Enjoy!

Juno 'The Hitmaker' Feat. Angel & Khriz - Me Veo Mejor Sin Ti (Remix)

Here is Juno 'The Hitmaker' with the official remix to his hot single 'Me Veo Mejor Sin Ti' featuring the great duo of Angel & Khriz who fit perfectly on this remix because they're known for making these kind of style tracks, great romantiqueo and the remix just got the song to be better, well download and check it out, Juno's mixtape 'Now Or Never' is coming soon as well as his official album 'Laberinto' releasing I'm guessing the end of this year or next year, enjoy the remix!

Magnate & Valentino - Boom Boom

Magnate and Valentino on this perreo that's called 'Boom Boom'. This perreo is definitely fire, and one of the best tracks they've made in a while. The hot beat by Fantasma, Anuedy, and Mario VI was the icing on the cake. Check this track, and don't pass it up. Enjoy!

Cosculluela Feat. Yandel - De Noche y De Dia (Original)

Finally here is the original album version of De Noche y De Dia, after the non-official version called 'Salen Por Mi' released and a preview here is the original version produced by Mue-K & Young Hollywood, this one features Yandel on the chorus and overall it came out pretty good even though I preferred the unofficial beat but thats just me, well download and check it out, remember this Tuesday is the release of Cosculluela's El Principe: Ghost Edition so make sure to go and buy it and support Coscu! Enjoy this song!

Guelo Star Feat. Jayko - A Repartirse (Exclusive)

It's finally here! The super highly anticipated collaboration between 'The Movie Man' Guelo Star and 'El Prototipo' Jayko. It's an insane track definitely something you will want to blast in your car or hear in the clubs! On the beat we have Diesel who did a awesome job on the beat. This is just a taste of what Guelo Star's new album will be! Enjoy this exclusive and expect the video tomorrow.

Daddy Yankee Feat. Luis Fonsi - Una Oportunidad

Alexis & Fido Feat. Daddy Yankee - Rescate

Uff the wait is over! Here is the never before seen collaboration of 'Los Reyes Del Perreo' Alexis & Fido and none other than 'The Big Boss' Daddy Yankee in a dope perreo track called 'Rescate', on the beat Nely 'El Arma Secreta', Haze and Hednoker, does it get better than that that all of these big names are collaborating together? fuck yea! this is what Reggaeton needs, collaboration between mainstream artists and stop it with the beef, So far Alexis & Fido have been creating hits like 'Mala Conducta', 'Me Gustas Tu' and 'Rescate' is just the next hit to the list! anyways check out the track and enjoy! Alexis & Fido's new album 'Perreologia' coming soon!